Friday, March 27, 2009

March seedlings

I planted some lettuce and arugula seeds just under two weeks ago and they seem to have taken. The cold frame is doing its job - even with sub-freezing night temperatures all week. YAY!

(that's my flash drive in the photos for scale)



(I think I'll need to thin the arugula at some point)

No signs of carrot or Swiss chard though, even with the temporary plastic cover I put on the other cold frame :( (though I don't really expect to see carrot seedlings for a while - they're notorious for taking a long time to germinate)


Doug Taron said...

I was thinking of planting lettuce out in the garden this weekend. The 6" of snow we got on Sunday dissuaded me.

Jim Lemire said...

Doug - I bet you would have been OK (or maybe you were dissuaded by the thought of youbeing out in the snow?) I'd try getting the seeds in soon - I imagine the snow is already gone?