Thursday, June 11, 2009

Community Garden

In addition to our home garden, we decided to sign up for a plot in the Attleboro Community Garden - a partnership between the City of Attleboro and the Attleboro Land Trust (of which I have been a board member for the past year and a half). The community garden is relatively small, so we only wanted to take a plot if there were any remaining after the sign-up period. The City was generous enough this year to expand the garden by about 30 feet - digging up part of the adjacent parking lot and putting down a nice layer of compost. This allowed the Land Trust to add about a dozen more plots. We got the last one - plot #56.

The weather this spring has been pretty terrible for gardening - lots of rain and cold - but we finally had a nice weekend a couple of weeks ago, so Linda and I planted our plot with the cucumbers, onions, and peppers that didn't fit into our home garden. The cucumbers are going to take over this small space, so my plan is to build some trellising for them to climb all over. Hopefully, we'll be able to manage two gardens, but really, the vegetables we get out of this plot are really secondary to being part of this community project. What I am really looking forward to is getting to meet some of the other gardeners and seeing how the different plots grow over the summer - each one has its own personality.


Barbara E said...

Hi Jim,
This looks great. I didn't know you were involved with your city in this way. Can't wait to see how both of your gardens work out. It has been cool here too - though not like your weather. I have lots of green tomatoes and my blue lake green beans are coming along. I may have a cucumber plant that is growing - unplanned - in my compost area. Hope to see you and the family next week. Love, Aunt Barbara

Jim Lemire said...

Hi Barbara - this is our first year at the community garden, but some folks have a had a plot for years. It will be fun to see how the garden changes through the summer. Hopefully we can manage to get over there regularly. Can't wait to see you.